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Brazilian Acai Breakfast Bowl

Brazilian Acai Breakfast Bowl

Found in the Amazon region of Brazil, Acai is a type of berry. The nutritional composition of Acai is what makes it one of the most popular ingredient among the citizens. The health benefits of Acai are myriad. It comprises of anti-oxidants, omega fibred, vitamins, amino acids and protein. The delicacy that we are going to prepare serves as a great breakfast that is healthy and delicious on the same hand.

To prepare Brazilian Acai Breakfast Bowl, you need 7 ounces of frozen Acai pulp, four frozen strawberries, four ounces juice of your choice, a tablespoon of sweetener of your choice and two tablespoons of old fashioned oats. Please note that you may opt for any juice but according to us, orange and apple juice works best with the recipe and tastes amazing. Again for sweetener, you may use agave syrup or honey for vest results.

Brazilian Acai Breakfast Bowl

The recipe is quite simple and quick to prepare. Just put in all the ingredients in a blender and blend it high until smooth or as desired. After blending, place the contents into a bowl and top it up with granola, sliced bananas and strawberries. The addition of fruits makes it even healthier and also adds up to the taste.

The best thing about Brazilian Acai Breakfast Bowl is that you may change the entire flavor as per your requirement. When we talked about addition of juice, we were talking about adding a hint of different favor than the usual Acai. Although the best thing about Acai is that while having so many benefits, it also tastes delicious. Often it is described as a blend of berries and chocolate. The addition of juice changes the top notes of the flavor in entirety. Therefore one may make use of different juices every time to keep gliding through different flavors successfully.

The preparation is extremely beneficial due to the presence of Acai. The benefits ranges from healthy cholesterol management to improved immune system to healthy digestive system to sustained energy boost but is not limited to that only. It is a rich source of protein, vitamin A, E and B6 and calcium.

The rich presence of antioxidants help in slowing down the ageing process. Omega fatty acids are useful for fighting against cholesterol and maintain a healthy heart by preventing heart disease. Phystosterols enhances the immune system of body and also helps in minimizing the blood plasma cholesterol. The presence of dietary fibers improves the digestive system.

The above recipe fulfills for one person and successfully replenishes the body needs along with healthy benefits. Brazilian Acai Breakfast Bowl is one of the yummiest breakfast you will find that is rich in so much goodness as well.