By atosz33

Hot Italian Roast Beef Sandwich Recipe

1. Boneless sirloin tip beef roast (5pound)
2. butter (1tbsp)
3. crushed dried red pepper (1 to3tsp)
4. ground thyme (1tbsp)
5. water (1/3c)
6. cut up tomatoes with juice (1can)
7. salt (1tsp)
8. semi hard rolls or bread (as per choice)

Method of preparation:-
1. Take a Dutch oven. Heat and melt the butter in it over medium heat. Place the roast in it and brown it on all sides.

2. Mix all the ingredients expect roll, cover it and cook it until the roast gets tender for about 3 to 4 hours. Cook it on low heat. Add more water if it is necessary. Keeps it roasting while simmering it in broth.

3. Take out the meat from broth. And keep it for 20 minutes to cool. Now trim the fat from the meat and cut them into thin slices. When it is ready, heat the broth and serve it on rolls.

Number of severing-20 sandwiches.