By atosz33

Maryland Style Crab Cake

Categories : Seafood recipe


• 1 lb. Crabmeat, remove any shell fragments
• 1 cup cubed White Bread Crumbs
• 1 Egg
• Tabasco Sauce to taste
• 1 teaspoon Old Bay Seasoning
• 1/2 diced Red Pepper, sauteed in Olive Oil
• 3 Tbsp. Celery, diced fine
• 1 Tbsp. Worcestershire Sauce
• 1 teaspoon Colman’s Dry Mustard
• 2 Tbsp. fresh Lemon Juice (note: adjust a little more or less depending on your taste of crab)
• 2 teaspoons Colman’s Prepared Mustard
• 2 Tbsp. chopped Parsley
• 1 Tbsp. chopped Dill Weed
• 1 Tbsp. finely diced Shallots

Let’s Cook:

Blend all ingredients except for Crabmeat and Bread Crumbs. Blend in Crabmeat and Bread Crumbs gently until incorporated. Do not overmix. Chill for one hour. Form into eight 3″ x 3″ patties and saute in olive oil until golden brown. Serve with Tartar Sauce or Cocktail Sauce.

Serving Size 4